Google’s latest acquisition could lead to spatial sound for the Pixel Buds

Google recently acquired a 3D audio startup that could lead to new features for the Pixel Buds or one of its other future products. Protocol discovered a deposit (PDF) with the US Patent and Trademark Office, which reveals that the tech giant purchased Dysonics and its intellectual properties in December. These PIs include patents for binaural sound tracking. As the post notes, the acquisition could end up introducing spatial audio support to the next iteration of the Pixel Buds, similar to the surround sound effect feature Apple has rolled out for. AirPods Pro and Max.

The co-founder and technical director of the startup Robert Dalton Jr. updated her LinkedIn profile to reflect her new job working on audio hardware for Google. Other former Dysonics employees also joined the company in the same division – a software engineer wrote that he now works “on a team that builds audio algorithms for a variety of Google hardware products.” However, they did not say what material they were developing exactly.

While the Pixel Buds seem the most likely, they could create other products for the company, such as the next generation of Nest speakers. They could also develop new mixed reality products for the tech giant, which interrupted its Daydream View helmets in 2019 but purchased Manufacturer of AR North glasses last year.

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