Google’s new Play Store rules target deceptive app listings

Over the past year, Google has implemented sweeping policy changes in its Play Store to add real money gambling apps and respond to criticism of his commission fees. But, the last of the company update to its guidelines aim to tidy up previews to prevent users from being tricked into downloading apps. Under the new rules, spotted by The edgeGoogle will effectively ban bad SEO practices, including promotional tactics designed to make apps more attractive.


For example, the new app metadata policies prohibit uppercase words (unless it’s a brand name) and prohibit the use of emoji in app names. Meanwhile, developers will be forced to limit app titles to 30 characters and will no longer be able to use graphics or text to entice installs. Apps that violate the upcoming rules will not be allowed on the Play Store, Google said today. To help developers adjust to the new rules, the company will release more details in the coming months ahead of their application later this year.

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In addition, new policies regarding app preview resources will come into effect in the second half of 2021. They will apply to graphics, screenshots, videos, and brief descriptions used to showcase the functions of an app. application. To respond to the changes, Google is asking developers to focus on accuracy and meaningful information rather than subjective buzzwords like “free” or “better.” It also calls for resources to be localized and easy to read, so that users can make sound judgments about whether to install an app. Again, apps that don’t follow the guidelines will be punished by becoming ineligible for promotion and recommendation.

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