Halo Infinite season passes will not expire

With Infinite halo ready to offer free multiplayer for the first time in franchise history, there’s a good chance you’d like to know how Microsoft plans to handle monetization. Following yesterday’s first look at the mode, 343 Industries shared a 13-minute deep dive into multiplayer on Monday. Almost half of this video shows the studio talking about how it plans to handle the free-to-play aspects of Infinite.

As you may have guessed, the multiplayer mode will offer a lot of customization options. As with previous games in the series, you can change the armor of your Spartan soldier to make it your own. For example, you can change their body type and voice, in addition to the AI ​​voice calling out what’s going on in a match. There is also a plethora of customization options when it comes to weapons and vehicles.

With Infinite, 343 Industries says it takes a “first player” approach to progression and personalization. There won’t be any loot or random loot boxes in the game. Instead, one of the primary ways to get personalization content is through the Seasonal Battle Passes that Microsoft plans to sell. . Each will have a different set of themed items to unlock and collect. Additionally, every Customization Reward in the game is uniquely sourced, so if an item is part of a Battle Pass, that will be the only way you can earn it; 343 will not allow players to purchase these items individually.

“A lot of our stuff is unlocked by playing the game, and just playing the game,” said Christopher Blohm, head of investment design. In a nod to gamers who might only have a few hours a week to play video games, Battle Passes don’t expire after the end of the season in which they were introduced. Instead, you’ll have the option to purchase them anytime after they’re released. And with the start of a new season, you can decide which pass you want to invest your progress towards. Since Infinite halo will be free on Xbox Series X / S and PC, any progress you make on one platform will carry over to the other.

Deep Diving includes a lot of other interesting information about how multiplayer works in Infinite, so it’s worth checking if you have 13 minutes to spare. Microsoft will publish Infinite halo this holiday season.

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