Housemarque’s 30-minute deep dive shows what to expect from ‘Returnal’

In a few hours, the exclusive PS5 title Return will be published, but what can gamers expect when they dive into its roguelike world? A 30 minute video posted by Housemarque combines elements from multiple tracks, giving us the best insight into what players will experience in the costume of Selene, an explorer who appears to have crash-landed on a strange alien world.

Different biomes will have a different feel and enemies that approach the player differently. Also, like some other single player games we’ve seen over the years, the game sometimes intersects with the experience of other players. You can see the shadow of a defeated player that you can choose to avenge, or even their return as an infected enemy that you must fight. If you’re still trying to decide if you want to hit the buy button on this $ 70 game, then that should answer most of your remaining questions before Return unlock tonight.

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