HTC Vive owners can buy iFixit parts for DIY VR repairs

HTC has associates with iFixit to facilitate the repair of their helmets and VR accessories for its customers. The website, which is famous for taking new devices apart and evaluating them for repairability, now offers genuine parts for the HTC Vive Cosmos Elite, which was published last year, the oldest Long live Pro and Vive Pro Eye, the Vive Tracker and other accessories for the VR ecosystem.

As the companies stated in their announcement, the availability of parts from iFixit can give customers a way to extend the life of products that are already out of warranty, especially if the components they need are no longer. available from HTC itself. HTC’s virtual reality headsets, even the entry-level Vive Cosmos Play, are quite expensive and are generally more expensive than Facebook’s Oculus headsets. The fact that the company offers customers a way to keep their headsets functional even after years of use is certainly a welcome development.

Kyle Weins, CEO and Co-Founder of iFixit, said: “It’s revolutionary. HTC is the first VR manufacturer to help customers with the parts they need to keep their headsets functional.”

In addition to selling parts to use, iFixit also offers step-by-step manuals that people can follow if they want the challenge of fixing their own devices. the repair guides include instructions on how to replace various parts, such as lenses, cameras, and motherboard, for headsets and their accessories. Vive users in North America can now order parts from IFixit website.

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