Indonesia: 17 missing in a freighter, collision with a fishing boat | Indonesia News

Divers scour the waters of the Java Sea in search of 17 fishermen missing after their boat capsized.

A collision between a freighter and a fishing boat has left 17 people missing off the main island of Java, Indonesia, officials said.

Fifteen crew members of the fishing vessel Barokah Jaya were evacuated after Saturday’s crash, but five divers are looking for the remaining 17, Yusuf Latif, the agency’s spokesperson, Basarnas said on Sunday.

“We are still carrying out the search,” Yusuf said, adding that an agency rescue ship had taken the survivors on board.

The accident happened at 9:30 a.m. GMT, Yusuf said.

The other vessel was the Habco Pioneer bulk carrier, which has a capacity of almost 30,000 tonnes. Both ships fly the Indonesian flag.

No injuries or crew were reported aboard the Habco Pioneer, owned by the tug and barge company PT Habco Primatama.

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