Instagram brings TikTok Duet-style collaborations to Reels

short video section becomes equal . New looks a lot like TikTok’s Duo. You can interact with another user’s reel by sharing your own video alongside it.

To remix someone else’s reel, tap the menu icon. You can record a new video in the Instagram app or download a pre-recorded one from your camera roll. There are a few editing options, including those for audio, effects, and playback speed. The feature is enabled by default on new downloads from Reel. You can for older videos via the menu of each article.


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You will be able to see the remixes of other users of your reels via the activity tab. Remixes you created from other videos will appear in the Reels section of your profile.

The duo was one of the main reasons TikTok has become such a massive platform. In addition to adding harmonies to the songs of other users (like ), people used duets to participate in dance challenges and .

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