Instagram tries to take on the Clubhouse with audio-only live broadcasts

Facebook has introduced a new feature inside Instagram Live that allows you to turn off your phone’s camera while streaming. It also adds the ability to mute your audio during a session. The first is a small but significant addition that sees Facebook in another of its applications. The two platforms are not interchangeable, at least not yet. You can not and start talking on Instagram Live the same way you can on Clubhouse, but this may not be important for people who want to share audio-only shows.

Facebook has a long history of copying functionality from competing apps, with several of the more notable examples living inside Instagram. , for example, saw the company replicate most of what made Snapchat unique after Snap . You also don’t have to look far to find where Facebook got the idea. . Of course, the company is far from the only platform to take a Clubhouse page. We have seen companies like , and even do the same.

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