IRobot’s Roomba i7 + with a clean base is $ 200 off at Wellbots

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If you’re looking for a robot vacuum that can do a little more than the bare minimum, iRobot’s Roomba i7 + and i9 + devices might do the trick. But being semi-autonomous suction cups with their own bases, they are naturally expensive. But Wellbots has a sale right now that hits the i7 + up to $ 599 and the i9 + up to $ 899 when you use the code 200 ADGET at the register. Yes, those are still high prices for robot vacuums, but these are the same discounts we saw on Black Friday last year – and we haven’t seen them this low since then.

Buy Roomba i7 + from Wellbots – $ 599 Buy Roomba i9 + from Wellbots – $ 899

We took a look at the Roomba i7 + when it first came out and gave it a score of 87. The biggest advantage it has over other robo vacuums is its clean base, which is basically an attachment on the device’s docking station into which the vacuum cleaner dumps its debris after every cleaning job. This means you won’t have to empty the machine’s bin every time you use it – you will only have to empty the clean base every 30 jobs or so. The only downside to this setup is the base’s exclusive bags that you will need to add to your shopping list.

In addition, the i7 + cleans hard and carpeted floors well. Devindra Hardawar found it to be quieter than other robot vacuums, and it was able to disentangle itself more easily from wires and cables that were on the floor in its path. It also has smart mapping technology so it can track the rooms in your home and you can control it through the companion mobile app or with Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands.

The Roomba i9 + has most of the same features as the i7 + and also comes with a clean base. But the biggest differences are in the design and the suction power: the i9 + has a more user-friendly design, which allows it to penetrate better into hard-to-reach areas of your home and it features Power technology. Boost, which should even help him clean the carpets more thoroughly.

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