Israeli airstrike destroys Gaza tower | Gaza News

Hamas says it launched 130 rockets at Israel after a residential tower in Gaza collapsed after an Israeli air raid.

A 13-story residential tower in Gaza City collapsed after Israeli airstrikes targeted the building.

No casualties were reported among residents, who reportedly left Hanadi Tower before it was hit.

Video footage showed three plumes of thick smoke rising from the tower, its upper floors still intact until it collapsed to the ground. The tower houses an office used by the political leaders of Gaza’s Islamist rulers, Hamas.

Electricity in the area around the building was cut off after the collapse. Residents used flashlights to search for nearby personal effects.

Shortly after the strike, Hamas, the group that controls the besieged Gaza Strip, said it launched 130 rockets at the Israeli city of Tel Aviv.

The armed wing of Hamas, the Qassem Brigades, had warned that it would retaliate the attack on the tower near the coast, before confirming that it had launched an attack on “Tel Aviv and its suburbs with 130 missiles”.

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