It is possible to drill a keychain hole in Apple AirTags

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One of the first things that happened to me when I saw Apple’s long-awaited AirTags was their surface, which reminds me of a giant, polished M&M. Like real M & Ms, AirTags have no holes which means you have to buy AirTag Accessories to hang the device on your keys or hang it on your purse. However, while Apple didn’t include a keychain hole in the AirTags, you can apparently make one yourself without messing them up too much.

In their AirTag teardown released on Saturday, the people at iFixit decided to test whether it was possible to drill a keychain hole in the device, a noble service for those who don’t want to shell out the extra money for accessories and are willing to take the risk of destroying the thing. If this sounds like you, you will need a 1/16 ” bit, according to iFixit.

Before using your drill, the first thing to do do is remove the battery. The key lies in locating and successfully drilling through one of the three notches, which you can see clearly at iFixit, in the AirTag circuit board and antenna shield. The notches are made for the clips that hold the AirTag together. (Remember, although AirTag batteries last over a year without recharging, they can be replaced by removing the back of the device).

iFixit notes that the location of the notches corresponds “approximately” to that of the clips on the metal battery cover, which means they can serve as a guide. Now you want to drill through the notch, not through the clip itself. But if you’re having bad luck, it won’t kill your AirTag.

In case you are successful (and we hope you are, because who wants to waste money), iFixit says AirTag should work “like nothing has happened”. The device’s speaker, which it uses to chime to help you find it if you lose it or let others know that there is a lost AirTag nearby, was hardly affected.

There is a price to pay for saving a few dollars, however. iFixit indicates that if you drill a hole in your AirTag, you should not expect it to remain waterproof and dust resistant. Meanwhile, MacRumors points out that this will undoubtedly void Apple’s warranty.

Ultimately, those of you looking for your drill have a decision to make. Is it worth taking a risk when there are accessories available for $ 12.95 or less? The raincoat worries me too, mainly because I had to open my door in the rain. Alas, this is a choice each of us must make. May luck be on your side.

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