Jack Dorsey NFT’s ‘first tweet’ sells for $ 2.9 million

Fifteen years after Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sent the world’s first tweet, the post sold for almost $ 3 million as NFT. The winning bid came from Sina Estavi, CEO of blockchain company Bridge Oracle.

Dorsey announced earlier this month that he his first valuables tweet, the proceeds of which are donated to the Giving Directly Africa Response fund. Monday, Dorsey he had donated 50 BTC to the organization, which helps those affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

As valuables on its website, “owning” a tweet does not change its status on Twitter. The successful bidder instead buys “a digital certificate of the tweet, unique because it was signed and verified by the creator”.

The sale is the latest high-profile example of the current NFT craze in the and the cryptocurrency community in recent months. NFTs or non-fungible tokens are a which permanently links a digital asset to a crypto-authenticated token. The actual asset – in this case a tweet – can still be freely shared, viewed and copied by anyone on the Internet, but only Estavi will keep the original “signed” version.

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