Jackbox offers “workout friends” to rebuild your social skills

There is a good chance that your social skills have atrophied after more than a year of confinement linked to COVID-19, and Jackbox Games think it may help you remember how to be human now that the pandemic is finally on (hopefully? maybe? please?). Starting next week, Jackbox will give you the opportunity to hire free “training buddies” who will remind you of what contact with others is like. You’ll have to Register now and compete for a limited number of slots, but enter and you will have 30 minutes of “no judgment”Jackbox Party Pack play time with a team that will help you perfect the art of conversation.

Of course, this is partly a sales pitch for Jackbox’s software. Spend some quality time with these workout friends and you’ll also get a code for a copy of Jackbox Party Pack 7, ostensibly to share your restored social graces with others.

We asked Jackbox for more details on how it works, including who you’ll meet and how long the initiative will last.

Is this a marketing tactic? Absolutely. But it’s also a symbolic moment – it’s the end of a long, very long period of having to socialize with most people through video chats. If all goes well, it will be a promotional campaign that you will never see again.

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