Jalen Suggs announces he is turning pro with an NFT

In early April, guard Gonzaga Jalen Suggs made NCAA history by nailing the first semifinal batsman in over 40 years. With just 3.3 seconds left on the clock, he advanced over hardwood and hit a three-point pointer just past the half-court line. The shot sent Gonzaga to the national championships where they ultimately lost to Baylor.

With Suggs now and should land somewhere in the top three picks, he is auctioning off a commemorative NFT celebrates the moment. Entitled “The Shot,” the token is linked to a piece of art that shows Suggs pumping his fist and smiling. A , for those who still don’t know what it is, is a way to tie an intangible asset to a specific token that is unalterable.

What sets the NFT Suggs apart is the auction of a lot of the ones we’ve seen in the past, is that it also includes the shoes he wore during the match, which he also signed. with his autograph. That is, the person who wins the auction will get a tangible asset. College athletes usually can’t monetize what they did in school, but Suggs seems to have come up with a smart workaround in that the artwork approaches a career defining moment instead. to reproduce it in bulk.

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