Knives Out sequel seems designed for the internet

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To begin with, a casting announcement. Three of them, in fact. We will start with the most recent. On Thursday, Deadline reported that Kathryn hahn is ready to join the rest of Knives Out, director Rian johnsonis an incredibly smart 2019 thriller. This news came in the wake of reports this Janelle Monáe, Dave Bautista, and Edward Norton were also lined up to star in the sequel, which is being made as part of a two-movie deal with Netflix reportedly worth around $ 450 million. If the news of a Knives out 2 the movie alone wasn’t thrilling enough, this latest update is pretty electrifying.

It also proves that this movie is likely to do exactly what it should: light up that damn internet. Back in 2019, Knives Out was kind of a snooze. He made less than $ 27million in its opening weekend, but continued to make more than 310 million dollars worldwide, thanks in part to word of mouth and genuine goodwill. People who saw him defended him fiercely. This inspired memes and a rabid fandom for the cable-knit sweaters brought in by the one Chris Evans wore in the movie. (See: #KnivesOutChallenge.) It was, in short, loved.

It’s no wonder, then, that Netflix has spent such a large amount of money securing its sequels. The streaming service works well with beloved cult favorites on the internet. But unlike, say, Office, Netflix could own these suites because it paid for them. It is possible, however, that Netflix does not own everything related to the movie franchise. Once the deal was made public, whoever ran the Twitter account @KnivesOut posted a slightly dark post about not be part of Knives out 2, leading some to request Netflix to immediately hire the social media manager. (The original film was produced and distributed by Lionsgate and MPC, and presumably this Twitter maven worked for one of them.)

This is exactly the kind of enthusiasm Netflix needs to capitalize on its acquisition. Which brings us back to the casting. For a, Monáe, Norton, Hahn, and Bautista are all great additions to any cast. But for another, these are all compelling choices. The first one Knives Out succeeded because a lot of actors in his ensemble got to play against the guy a bit. He had Brit Daniel Craig – literally James Bond – playing an exuberant Southern sleuth trying to solve a potential murder. LaKeith Stanfield, an actor not particularly known for playing intermediate characters, was Craig’s gumshoe straight from the central cast. He had Evans – literally Captain America – playing a licensed and accomplice kid. Michael Shannon was often scary Knives Out, too, but he also had an air of insecurity. Jamie Lee Curtis was Jamie Lee Curtis (there was no need to play with perfection).

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