Latest coronavirus: CDC chief says Covid-19 disparities show racism a threat to U.S. public health

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has said the state will do so sue the us government and the country’s main public health agency to allow cruise ships to resume navigation immediately. The cruise industry, one of Florida’s main economic engines, was shut down by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention more than a year ago.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi called on the country to prioritize immunization of the elderly, as many over 60 continue to go without vaccines while young workers have received them. As of last week, 43 percent of people aged over 80 in Italy and 88.9 percent of those aged 70 to 79 were always waiting for a first shot.

US Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell has said he would like to see “a series” of months with strong job growth of around 1 million for the economy to show “progress” in the recovery after the pandemic. He cited the a stronger economic outlook due to strong fiscal policy support and rapid rollout of immunization.

New jobless claims in the United States have increased second consecutive week, pausing on a recent slowdown in the pace of layoffs as states lift restrictions on coronaviruses. Seasonally adjusted jobless claims surged unexpectedly from 728,000 the week before to 744,000 the week before Easter.

A model wears Asos during a pre-pandemic parade in London © Reuters

Online fashion retailer Asos said the outlook for its full year had been boosted by a strong performance in the first half of the year, but remained cautious about the economic outlook for its main customers of 20 years. Pre-tax profit for the six months leading up to the end of February was £ 106million, up from £ 30.5million last year.

The UK cooperative group has said it will reimburse around £ 15million in paid holiday aid it has received from the government, but has reiterated his refusal to return commercial tariff relief. The UK’s sixth-largest food retailer by market share said the Covid-19 pandemic had imposed significant additional costs.

Johnson Matthey, the UK materials company, said full-year financial results would hit analysts’ highs thanks to a strong rally in Chinese car market. The group, which makes catalytic converters, predicted underlying operating profit to be between £ 405 million and £ 502million by March.

Vaccitech was ready and ready when the pandemic broke. The Oxford University spinout has taken a head start in the race to develop a Covid-19 vaccine after years of work on another coronavirus. It now wants to capitalize on its pioneering technology with a flotation. the the time is less favorable for this important step.

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