Lego hints at upcoming Luigi-themed set with smart update

In what will likely be one of the smartest marketing campaigns in recent memory, started hinting that Luigi would be getting his own set following a recent firmware update. In a tweet spotted by , a Twitter user named Jay Phoenix in which the mustached plumber calls his brother after he wakes up. “Luigi. Luigi? Luigi! Said the toy.

All signs point to Lego releasing a Luigi set in the near future. “Now is a very creative way to get her missing brother back,” the company said in response to a questioner . “We have noticed that Lego Mario has started calling it out, we are reviewing it and hoping to know why it is soon. Stay tuned! 🙂 “In one of the Following the Phoenix post, someone named Jin says, “I work in retail and we have a Luigi starter game reference dated August 1.

It also wouldn’t be a surprise to see Lego add more models to its Super Mario lineup. Since the first exit with the line ce , the company extended it to that make it easy to create your own courses. And the concept of allowing people to create physical levels of Mario Maker seems to have struck a chord with Nintendo and Lego fans.

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