LG Extends Panel Warranty For G1 TVs To Five Years

If you have watched any of LG’s expensive G1 OLED TVs for a while, the company is hoping to give you another reason to buy one. In the United States, LG introduced a new five-year limited panel warranty that covers every 2021 G1 OLED TV it sells in the country. The first year warranty covers both parts and labor. Thereafter, you will have to pay all associated labor costs. That said, you won’t have to worry about paying the shipping costs associated with sending your TV in for repair for the duration of its warranty. Also, if you have recently purchased a G1 set, it is included in this expansion.

“If your LG OLED TV fails due to a defect in materials or workmanship under normal and proper use, during the warranty period stated below, LG Electronics, at its option, will repair or replace the product, “says the company on G1 warranty card. It then presents a list of things that the warranty does not cover, and those are all the usual things. So, for example, if your G1 suffers water damage due to a flood or short circuit, you will need to repair or replace your TV yourself. We will note here that the company does not specifically refer to burn-in or image retention in the document. Here’s what LG had to say on the subject when we contacted.

“LG’s five-year limited warranty program is consistent with the company’s consistent communication regarding the low risk of image retention on LG OLED TVs, when used under normal viewing conditions,” said a company spokesperson at Engadget. “As with any self-emitting screen, OLED TVs can experience temporary image retention under certain conditions, but permanent image retention, or burn-in, is rare under normal viewing conditions. image is not a defect of the product. “

At LG’s point, OLED burn-in is not so much of a problem as some internet users would like you to believe. As long as you watch a variety of different content and make sure to use features like logo luminance reduction, you will enjoy years of use from your OLED TV. More than anything, LG has probably decided to extend the warranty on its G1 sets to dispel any doubts about the longevity of its new and brighter evo OLED panels.

Break-in option aside, LG’s new warranty compares favorably with most of its competition, although it’s limited to the company’s G1 sets. Vizio, for example, offers a three year warranty on its televisions which includes both parts and labor for the entire duration. You could say that Samsung surpasses LG with its 10-year warranty against screen burn-in, but it’s more of a marketing ploy than anything else, as LED displays are much less prone to image retention than OLEDs.

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