Locker Room will be relaunched as Spotify Greenroom

When Spotify recently bought Cloakroom and developer Betty Labs To propel its competitor Clubhouse, the company announced that it will eventually relaunch the app under a new name to better reflect its more inclusive goal. This name will be Spotify Greenroom. CEO Daniel Ek announced the rebranding in the company’s latest episode For the Record podcast.

With apparently all tech companies including Twitter and Facebook, moving through the live audio space, Ek also explained exactly why this was happening. “Just like Stories with video where every major platform has them as a way for their audience to communicate with each other, I see live audio the same way,” he said during the podcast. “I expect all platforms to have it.”

As for how Ek sees Greenroom standing out in a sea ​​of ​​clones clubhouse, he said that Spotify’s network of creators would be his competitive advantage. The company has spent millions of people as inking Joe rogan, Bruce Springsteen and former President Barack Obama to exclusive podcast offers. He also spent a lot to acquire networks like Gimlet Media and Parcast. He also highlighted Spotify’s user base, which has grown by 11 million in the past three months to pass the 356 million mark.

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