Lucifer’s DB Woodside discusses Amenadiel’s Baby Mamma drama

DB Woodside as Amenadiel

DB Woodside as Amenadiel
Picture: Netflix

A new season of Lucifer arrives on May 28 with the second half of season 5 and a full order of eight episodes.

As the show draws to a close, the actor DB Woodside seizes the opportunity to flex dish at tvline on what fans can expect between Amenadiel (Woodside) and Linda (Rachel Harris), while also talking about her directorial debut.

Last season ended on a serious cliffhanger with Amenadiel and Lucifer brawling with Michael and Maze. But in less violent news, Amenadiel is now a father, and Linda is baby Momma. He was upset to find out that his child was just a mere mortal, and Woodside talks about the character who works through it. “More than his own embarrassment or his own unfulfilled expectations, he is afraid, as he puts it, that his son will grow old, his son will be weak, his son will be a target. These are things that any parent would be afraid of.

That said, Amenadiel has made a great deal with Linda and will continue to be co-parent. “Amenadiel and Linda have developed a great friendship and have come across a great way to co-parent. I think they’re friends forever, and I just love this whole Rachael thing [Harris]. They definitely have more ups and downs as a parent, but I don’t think Amenadiel could ask for a better partner than Dr. Linda.

As for the directing, Woodside was a little nervous about juggling so many people on set. He realized that you see things differently when he’s actor versus director. “As a director it was different, because as an actor if I’m in a scene with one or two of them, I’m just concerned with what I’m doing, right? As a director I’m responsible for the whole vision, and sometimes the actors can come onto a stage with a very small point of view and not understand how they fit into the big picture.

For me, Amenadiel has one of the best character redemption arcs in the series – and I’m not ready for the end of this show. Lucifer was a mad rush from start to finish, and I got hooked on so many characters. * Sigh * I guess all good things must end (even if it’s not now). In the meantime, I can’t wait to see Woodside develop as a director.

The second half of season 5 premieres May 28 on Netflix!

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