“Mario Party Superstars” brings board games and classic games to life

When Nintendo is released Mario Party Superstars on October 29, it will give fans the chance to revisit some of their favorite moments from previous games in the series. Superstars will feature five classic decks from the Nintendo 64 era of the franchise. Specifically, Nintendo introduced new and improved versions of Peach’s Birthday Cake and Space Land. In addition to being more beautiful, these tables include new events and benefit from the adjustments and improvements introduced by Nintendo with Super Mario Party in 2018.

However, the nostalgia game doesn’t end with the boards. Superstars Also includes over 100 mini-games from previous entries in the series. If there’s an activity that you fondly remember from a previous Mario Party game, there’s a good chance it’s included in the package. Best of all, with full button support, you won’t need to control movements. And with online multiplayer support, you can find people to play with even if your friends aren’t available.

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