Microsoft adds AAC Bluetooth audio support in Windows 10

Windows 10’s next major update won’t include a single . As reported by Microsoft is also working on adding support for the AAC Bluetooth audio codec. This is great news if you own a pair of AirPods. Currently, Windows 10 limits you to SBC and AptX from Qualcomm. AAC is most closely associated with Apple. All of the company’s Bluetooth headphones come with the codec and default to SBC when not available.


Microsoft is also changing the way you select Bluetooth inputs in Windows 10. Right now, if you click on the sound menu on the taskbar, you’ll see multiple profiles for all the headphones and speakers connected to your computers. . This is something that can make it difficult to know which entry you should click on if you want to listen to music or talk to someone. In the future, Windows 10 will automatically switch to the correct Bluetooth profile. All you have to do is select the device you want to hear everything on.

Apart from these updates, Windows 10 users can also expect support for in games and new . If you are a Windows Insider, you can test these changes by downloading and installing Preview Build 21370.

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