Microsoft Expands Dolby Vision HDR Gaming Test to Xbox Series X / S

Microsoft extends its test of at . The feature is making its way to the Xbox Insider Alpha Ring so that more members of the Xbox community can try it out. The company is seeking feedback before it rolls out the Dolby Vision HDR option more widely, which it says will come soon. He had previously promised to do so this year.

Dolby Vision brings more vivid colors, sharper contrast and up to 40 times brighter reflections to games, Microsoft said. It automatically adjusts the picture settings on your screen. Microsoft says it has worked with Dolby to create an enhancement that “enables a more accurate HDR gaming experience when connected to a Dolby Vision compatible television.”

The companies are working with TV manufacturers to get the Dolby Vision experience on as many screens as possible before broadcasting it to everyone. If you are enrolled in the Insider Alpha program and want to play games with Dolby Vision, you need to make sure that the latest firmware is installed on your TV. That way, you might be able to take advantage of features like low latency auto mode and variable refresh rate.

Some testers that Dolby Vision gaming has been enabled in a version of the Xbox Insider Alpha Ring for a few games, including Borderlands 3, gears 5 and Halo: Master Chief Collection. Microsoft says it will share more details soon on games that exploit the capabilities of Dolby Vision.

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