Microsoft fixes wobbly Windows 10 layouts with multiple displays

If you are using a multi-monitor setup on Windows 10 for gaming, work, or because integrated directly into your laptop, you may have noticed that apps can annoyingly move to the wrong display. Microsoft has ad that it finally introduces a fix for the problem so that the windows of the application behave in a more predictable way, as indicated by The edge.

The problem occurs when your PC wakes from sleep mode because all the apps on your secondary monitor can suddenly switch to the primary screen or your laptop screen. “As a result, you have to drag application windows back to their original position before going to sleep,” says Microsoft’s Michelle Xiong. “This might make you feel frustrated, as it happens almost every time your system falls asleep and takes time out of your productivity.”

The technical term for the issue is “Quick hot pluggable detection,” but with the latest version of Windows Insider 21287 or higher, Microsoft has worked to mitigate the issue. With this version, when you wake up from sleep, all of your windows should appear where you previously left them.

You will need to join Microsoft Insider Program to get the new feature, which will work by default if you are connected to at least one external monitor with a laptop or two monitors on a desktop setup. It should also work with brands, hardware specs, and connector types. If you’re not ready to join the beta program to test it right now, Microsoft is expected to ship the final version by October 2021.

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