Microsoft outage affects Teams, Azure and Xbox Live

A number of cloud-based Microsoft products are currently experiencing issues, apparently due to a Azure Active Directory issue. In the last hour or so, many users have been unable to access Microsoft Teams, with the company’s 365 Status Twitter account tie it a recent modification of an authentication system.

The bad news is that the list of services concerned is long – including not only Teams, but also Office, Exchange Online, and Yammer. Xbox Live is also mentioned as one of the services having problems. Its status page only reports an issue for anyone trying to redeem a code at the moment, although its Twitter account mentioned problems with the distribution and purchase of games.

The latest update at 5:17 p.m. ET says a full fix is ​​expected in the next 60 minutes, so if your office uses Teams, you know when to re-enroll.

Update (5:58 p.m. ET): Microsoft said he has fully deployed mitigation and is seeing a decrease in error rates.


Critical Authentication Errors Across Multiple Microsoft Services – Mitigation Validation

IMPACT SUMMARY: As of approximately 7:15 p.m. UTC on March 15, 2021, a subset of customers may experience authentication issues in Microsoft services including Microsoft Teams, Office and / or Dynamics, Xbox Live and the Azure portal. Other Azure services / offerings that rely on a downstream authentication infrastructure may see additional impact.

CURRENT STATUS: Engineering teams have deployed a patch to all affected regions. Internal telemetry and customer reports suggest that the error rate for dependent services is declining rapidly. Microsoft services are starting to see signs of recovery. Some services and offerings may have varying recovery times after the underlying fix. The next update will be provided in 60 minutes or as events warrant.

This post was last updated at 21:56 UTC on March 15, 2021

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