Microsoft’s Classroom Pen 2 is half the price of its predecessor

Back in 2019, Microsoft presented the pen to class, a Surface Go stylus that the company specifically designed with the little hands of schoolchildren in mind. The snow publish a new model known simply as the Classroom Pen 2. According to the company, the updated stylus features an “improved design”, a longer housing and works with both the Surface Go and Surface Pro. As with its predecessor, the stylus tip is replaceable and there is a slot at the top for attaching a clip.

These improvements are all good, but what school districts will appreciate the most is that Microsoft has made the new version much more affordable. The company sold the original Classroom pen in packs of 20 for $ 799.80, or about $ 40 per stylus. In contrast, a 20-pack of the new pens will retail for $ 399.80 when they go on sale April 27. According to the company, schools can also reduce costs by reducing their paper expenses. Microsoft says a boarding school in the UK saved around £ 120 on paper and toner costs per Surface device purchased.

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