Missing: three games we didn’t see during Nintendo’s E3 stream

Nintendo is the proud owner of dozens of legendary franchises, so it’s easy for the company to impress their fans and let them down. today Nintendo Direct Live Stream, held on the last day of E3 2021, was a classic amalgamation of deception and intrigue that only House Mario can deliver.

Here, we’ve turned our grief into content, offering a breakdown of three games that didn’t make an appearance at Nintendo’s E3 show. So grab your handkerchiefs and take a look at what could have been:

Bayonet 3

It was like four years old since someone has heard of Bayonet 3, and it’s starting to feel like PlatinumGames is holding her hostage – or worse, like the devs have quietly killed her, and hope no one calls for a welfare check.

In all likelihood, the development on Bayonet 3 it is simply moving forward at a steady, but slow pace. PlatinumGames is busy: the studio is simultaneously working on The fall of Babylon, a huge online cooperative game with serious Demon souls vibes, and he built his first original universe with GG project. This is in addition to anything that the commercial developers of Deny can have, the more the remaster of The wonderful 101 it’s ongoing, supported by fans on Kickstarter. Not to mention their ironic game, Sun crest, which was announced on April Fool’s Day and is slated for release this year.

The last time Bayonet 3 was even mentioned in a Nintendo Direct, it was in 2019 and all we got was a two second promise of “more news soon”. Clearly, that was a lie. And to understand, it was right after the announcement of PlatinumGames’ Astral chain, a game that press Switch barely six months later.

PlatinumGames received a cash injection from Chinese tech giant Tencent in January 2020, which should give him ample leads to tackle all these projects. But just like the airport, it’s fair to expect delays.

But for real, Bayonetta – if you can read this, give us a sign.

Metroid Prime 4

What’s wrong with game announcements in 2017? A little like Bayonet 3, it’s been four years since Nintendo revealed Metroid Prime 4. But surprisingly, with this title, you get a better idea of ​​what’s going on behind the scenes.

Nintendo abandoned its progress on Metroid Prime 4 in 2019 and started from scratch with a new studio, which makes the prolonged silence on this one easier to swallow. Retro Studios, based in the United States, is now working on Metroid Prime 4, and all we know so far is that it’s different from the original version (which we also knew very little about).

In 2019, producer Kensuke Tanabe explained the decision to start over Metroid Prime 4, saying, “It will be a long way until the next time we can keep you updated on the progress of development, and the development time will be long.”

At least we can’t say that they didn’t warn us.

As it is, Metroid Prime 4 has been in development for two and a half years, rather than four, but that’s still a long time to leave fans hanging around. Its launch is still planned exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Finally.

Splatoon 3

This one is perhaps the most forgivable on the list, since Nintendo has only announced Splatoon 3 this year – but maybe that’s what makes it the less pardonable. Splatoon represents the future of Nintendo, offering a brilliant competitive universe with colorful shooting mechanics and an addiction to online play, and it is one of the most requested franchises on Switch.

Splatoon 3 Set to launch in 2022, and Nintendo’s E3 show was the perfect opportunity to answer fans’ questions and put the game in new eyes. However, there was no splash to be had.


And hey, while we’re here Pokémon Legends Arceus deserves special mention. Of course, it already has a release date, but coming soon and Pokemon is still a pitfall. And of course there’s the elephant in the live stream – Nintendo didn’t even hint at it. new switch material, a rumor that set fire to the mill before E3. The company revealed a new Game & Watch, at least.

Don’t call us bitter, but these are just a few of the things we were particularly excited to see during Nintendo’s E3 2021 showcase, and it’s a bummer to still be in the dark on these. details.

At least Bayonetta is here to keep us company.

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