Mitchells vs the Machines deleted scene reveals a mech

Yes, Mitchells, you see correctly.

Yes, Mitchells, you see correctly.
Picture: Netflix

Not only The Mitchells against the machines one of the best movies of the year so far it has an absolutely unforgettable ending. The way the family comes together to fight the PAL villain, complete with flying robot skateboards, laser gauntlets, and a soundtrack from TI and Rihanna? This is epic and touching at the same time. But that wasn’t always how things would end.

The director of the film’s story, Guillermo Martinez, took to Twitter to reveal a deleted scene from the end of the film. As he explains, in another cut, PAL has given himself a sort of body by putting together a bunch of devices and becoming Mecha PAL, which Katie then beats in a similar way to what happens in the movie. . It’s a very cool scene, which you can see as a storyboard via Martinez’s Twitter below. (The storyboards are by Martinez and Andrew J. Ross.)

Obviously, by cutting that, the finish is much more compact. The emotional rhythm with dad is achieved in a slightly different way and Katie’s triumph is still excellent. That said, it would have been great to see her single-handedly defeat this huge robot.

The Mitchells against the machines is now on Netflix and we highly recommend it.

Correction: A previous version of this story stated that Ross did the storyboards on his own. We added that Martinez did them as well.

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