Motorola wants to bring remote wireless charging technology to its phones

Under Lenovo, Motorola has carved out a niche in the competitive Android market by mainly making no-frills devices like Moto One 5G Ace and Moto G Sylus. The company’s most popular phones ignore features like wireless charging, so they can end up costing less. So that’s what makes Motorola’s latest announcement so intriguing. This is partnership with a company called Guru Wireless to bring exclusive remote wireless charging technology to its phones. The two did not provide many details on their partnership, but Guru says he will work with Motorola to meet its “stringent requirements for quality, energy efficiency and safety.”

Several companies and startups have been trying to make remote wireless charging a reality since 2015, with little to show for these efforts apart from some fancy prototypes. It makes Motorola’s partnership with Guru a bit of a moonshot, but he’s no stranger to trying out new ideas and seeing what sticks together. After all, it’s the company that gave us Motorcycle Mods and one Razr foldable display. He is also not the only one trying to integrate the technology into his devices. This year Xiaomi showed its Mi Air Charge Technology, claiming that it could one day remotely charge multiple devices simultaneously.

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