‘Myst’ Oculus remake coming to PC and Mac this year, no VR headset required

Ready to purchase another copy of Myst? After going to Facebook Oculus Quest platform at the end of 2020, last year’s “reimagining” of the classic adventure game is heading to PC and Mac. In a tweet spotted by The edge, Myst series creator Cyan Worlds has said it will release the game on these platforms in the third quarter of 2021. Plus, you won’t need a VR headset to play the remake once. that it will arrive on Windows and macOS, with the release including full support for flat-panel monitors.

When Cyan Worlds announced the remake of Myst, he said the game would eventually arrive on other platforms. However, there is no word yet on availability beyond Oculus Quest, PC and Mac. The reissue includes updated audio and visual assets, as well as an optional puzzle randomization feature that lets things mix things up. The $ 30 Oculus Quest version of the remake was generally well received, with most reviewers noting that Cyan did an admirable job of making the classic more immersive.

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