Netflix subscriber numbers decline after 2020 boom

Around the same time last year, pandemic lockdowns that unfolded around the world caused a surge in Netflix subscriptions, as the company added 16 million subscribers in three months. Now these are the figures for the same period in 2021 that have come out (PDF), and it grew to a total of 3.98 million customers worldwide, which executives said reflected “the great advantage of Covid-19 in 2020 and a lighter content list in the first half of this year, due to production delays of Covid-19 “.

Despite the slowdown in subscriber additions, Netflix is ​​becoming more profitable, as net income soared to $ 1.7 billion in the first quarter alone – in 2019, its annual profit was $ 1.87 billion.


The fact that so many people (currently 208 million) already have Netflix is ​​a problem, but the problem of not finding new things we want to watch on Netflix and the growing threat of high-quality competition from Disney +, HBO Max and others is potentially much more serious. The number of subscribers in North America only increased by 448,000, although that doesn’t tell us how many people canceled subscriptions like shows like WandaVision peaked and price hikes were rolled out.

According to Netflix, one of its biggest film debuts of the quarter was Outside the wire with 66 million viewers by his account, while other big names like the third To all the boys I’ve loved before the film grossed 51 million. Now we look forward to the rest of the year with features like Red Notice starring Gal Gadot, The Rock, and Ryan Reynolds, as well as new seasons of The witcher, Money heist and You.

A video call with executives will appear on YouTube later today, we’ll add it to this article once it’s available and update with any notable information that comes from it.

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