Netflix unveils new ‘Castlevania’ series and other game-related projects

Netflix has dropped news after news for Geeked Week, giving us a broader view of what to expect from the streaming giant when it comes to game-related shows. The company has confirmed that a new one Castlevania animated series set in the same universe as the recently concluded the show is in preparation. His story will focus on Richter Belmont – the big, big, big, etc. grandson of Sophie and Trevor – and Maria Renard during the French Revolution.

The upcoming live-action resident Evil the series now also has its Albert Wesker: Lance Reddick, which previously appeared in Thread and Bosch, as well as in the John wick films like Charon hotel concierge. Speaking of the John Wick movies, its franchise creator Derek Kolstad has signed on to write the Netflix film. Exploded cell animated series based on Ubisoft games. The eight-episode first season will follow former US Navy SEAL Sam Fisher after being recruited to work for the Third Echelon division.

Ubisoft also donated Castlevania showrunner Adi Shankar the green light to create a new series, based on Far cry 3 expansion Dragon blood but will take elements from several game titles. It’s called Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix, and the company already has to order for six episodes. Netflix is ​​developing a new Far cry animated series too. This particular project is still in its early stages, and Variety says the creative team is still being built.

On top of all this, Netflix ad WitcherCon in partnership with CD Projekt Red and released a trailer for The witcher season 2 for Geeked Week. The company also took the opportunity to present the first extended trailer for Esoteric, a show based on League of Legends, and a teaser for the Cup head animated series.

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