New Apple TV 4K arrives with HDMI 2.1, wireless Thread technology

Earlier today, Apple introduced a new Apple TV 4K box (and a redesigned Siri remote that should be easier to use), and a close look at the technical sheet reveals some more details about what it can do.

To confirm earlier rumors, this box has an HDMI 2.1 video output, but as the 9to5Mac note, despite code leaks mentioning the support of a 120Hz mode, at launch, the “high frame rate HDR” of the device will reach 60 FPS. That might change with the next iteration of tvOS – or once 4K TVs aren’t that picky with their support – but it’s something to watch out for.

Another thing to be aware of, as Dan Moren pointed out on Twitter, is this the first Apple TV box with Wire integrated. The thread is a low power mesh network technology for home automation devices with the support of a number of large companies, and they plan to use it to support the CHIP (Connected Home over IP) project which is an interoperability standard for smart homes.

Thread support is limited to a few devices so far, but that could make this box much more useful as a hub for your future smart home. The HomePod mini also includes Thread technology, but the now-discontinued original HomePod didn’t, which may be part of the reason he got the ax and could appear in upcoming devices.

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