New NFL rights deal hands Thursday night football to Amazon

Confirm rumors, Amazon has plunged into the The latest NFL broadcast rights package will become the exclusive home of the Thursday night soccer game until 2033. According to a report by CNBC, the deal will cost Amazon around $ 1 billion a year, without access to playoff games or the Super Bowl. Of course, Amazon isn’t the only company aspiring to internet video, and the eleven-year agreement includes specific exceptions for some of the video services other partners support.

According to Amazon, “The Prime Video deal begins in 2023 and is the NFL’s first exclusive national broadcast program with a digital streaming service. The number of regular season games included in the Thursday Night Football package increases from 11 to 15, all games being broadcast as Prime Video as part of a Prime subscription. “

For Disney, besides securing Super Bowls on ABC / ESPN, it also secured the right to broadcast an International Series game. exclusively on ESPN + every year. Likewise, Fox expanded its digital rights for “future direct-to-consumer opportunities as well as NFL programming on FOX Tubi’s AVOD streaming service.” Beyond an “NFL experience on Tubi” with on-demand and condensed video games, Fox also has “authorized sports betting operator status” for Fox Bet when / if the NFL approves official betting operators. sportsmen.


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