Nine dead after bus crash in South Korean building collapse | South Korea News

Firefighters say eight people were seriously injured in the collapse, which occurred in Gwangju town.

At least nine people were killed and eight seriously injured in South Korea when a five-story building – which was being demolished – suddenly collapsed on a bus, officials at a fire station said. local fire department.

The accident happened on Wednesday afternoon when the bus was pulled up on the street next to the Gwangju demolition site, some 270 kilometers (168 miles) southwest of the capital Seoul, officials said. Gwangju Fire and Security Headquarters.

Dramatic television footage showed the bus, which had 17 people on board, was buried under debris and suffocated by a huge cloud of dust as the structure gave way.

Yang Ik-je, who runs a store opposite the construction site, said he ran outside, shaken by the loud noise that made him feel like “the earth was shaking.”

“I couldn’t see the road clearly, as if it was shrouded in thick fog,” he told the Yonhap News Agency. “I checked the CCTV to find the building collapsed on a bus.”

The reason for the collapse was unclear and a police investigation is underway, officials said.

The bus was stopped in the street next to the building when it suddenly collapsed. Nine of those on board have been confirmed dead and the other eight seriously injured [Yonhap via AFP]

All workers at the demolition site had been evacuated before the collapse.

South Korea has taken steps to improve its infrastructure security record following a number of disasters.

A department store collapse killed more than 500 people in 1995, the country’s worst peacetime disaster. The collapse of a bridge the year before left 49 people dead.

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