Nintendo and Niantic team up again for ‘Pikmin’ AR game

A few years ago, Nintendo and Niantic Labs teamed up to create Pokémon Go, unleashing an augmented reality gaming craze that has swept the globe. That craze has waned, but now they’re going to try again with a game based on Nintendo’s Pikmin franchise. We don’t know much about the title yet, but it seems to focus on fitness, to “include play activities to encourage walking and make walking more enjoyable.”

According to Niantic COO Megan Quinn, Niantic is Nintendo’s exclusive partner for real-world AR applications, and the game will arrive later this year. This is the first game produced by Niantic Tokyo Studio, and according to Nintendo press release, is the first in a series of titles that the two will develop together. Tatsuo Nomura, director of Niantic Tokyo Studio, said in a Tweeter that it is an “unusual” game and that it will not be called Pikmin Go.

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