Nintendo introduces Speed ​​Golf and Battle Royale modes from ‘Mario Golf: Super Rush’

Ahead of , Nintendo has revealed a little more what to expect from the game, including the Quick Golf Mode. You and up to four friends will play at the same time. Not only will you try to complete a hole with fewer strokes than your opponents, but you will also want to complete it faster than them.

You will have to sprint to where your ball landed to take your next stroke. There will be collections on the course, including coins and ones that restore stamina. Each of the 16 characters has their own special dash movement to help you hit the ball faster and various attributes including power, stamina, speed, control, and spin.

They also have a special shooting ability. Luigi can freeze the ground on impact, while King Bob-omb can spawn bombs in the landing zone. Others crush nearby bullets on impact. PGA 2K21 Tower, it’s not.

Mario Golf: Super Rush has a Variation of speed golf called Battle Golf. The confrontation takes place in an arena filled with obstacles and nine holes. The first golfer to capture three holes, with the fewest strokes at any given time, will be the winner.

On top of that, there is an RPG mode called Golf Adventure, where you can upgrade a newbie Mii character. Coaches can help you improve your technique. You’ll also take on challenges and face bosses. Yes, in a round of golf. Once you feel that your Mii has some decent enough stats, you’ll be able to use them in multiplayer modes.

Nintendo also showed off other features, including curve and rotary fire capabilities, a terrain scanner, and optional motion controls. Mario Golf: Super Rush arrives on Nintendo Switch on June 25.

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