Nothing’s wireless earphone design was inspired by a smoking pipe

There are a few things we know about Nothing, a new hardware startup by a co-founder of OnePlus. We know Carl Pei is running it, we know his first product will be wireless earphones (what we assume is informative from what we are looking at above), we know that Engineering of adolescents will handle the material design and put his fingers in Essential. For any reason. Today, the company sets out its product philosophy in a blog post, discussing a long-term view of technology and transparent interfaces, and the more immediate future of trying to bring existing products closer to this loft goal of “technology. barely noticeable. “.

Last week Nothing tweeted the first image, and it turned out to be half of Concept 1. (A colleague asked what Nothing was announcing today, joking that he might display the letters ” n ” and “ g ”, which were hidden on the embedded image.)

To be honest, he wasn’t too bad. Other than Pei’s statements about the design of the product and the image itself, there isn’t much to do. The transparent casing of what appears to be a wireless earbud is apparently a nod to its goal of making devices less intrusive. The shape, too, is apparently inspired by “a grandmother’s tobacco pipe,” which is at least different from the q-tip cut look that has embodied the most popular wireless headphones so far.

There is no hope that the design of the product will guarantee a feeling of freshness for many years to come. The company’s first products are expected to launch this summer.

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