Now the Nintendo Switch has a $ 2 Notes app

You might not be able to download Netflix on the Nintendo Switch, but what is basically the best thing is now available on the console. Move to the , the last application to download on Switch is a note-taking tool. Spotted by , the modestly named allows you to save reminders and tasks on your Switch.

National game

“This is a simple and useful (works great) scoring book for you, a gamer or not, to take notes quickly and easily,” writes Game Nacional developer Adriano of his work on the application’s eShop page. “It also comes with an automatic backup tool. Practice that.

We will say that there is something charming about Notes that its calculator counterpart is missing. You can see it in the screenshots and the way the software transcribes your thoughts and moments of everyday life in a kind of childish font. If you like what you see, we suggest you act quickly. With a special introductory price, you can download Notes for $ 2 instead of the $ 10 it normally costs.

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