NVIDIA’s DLSS Upscaling Comes To ‘Rust’, A Flurry Of Linux Games

NVIDIA Super deep learning sampling (DLSS) is poised to hit a slew of big-name games – and more titles that don’t rely on Windows. The company has ad this survival success from Facepunch Studios Rust adds DLSS support on July 1. This is in addition to a slew of major titles already revealed receiving DLSS, including Eternal destiny (which also gets ray traced reflections) on June 29 and, at an unspecified point, Red Dead Redemption 2.

You can also expect to see DLSS in more Linux titles. A driver update arriving on June 22 will enable DLSS in Vulkan-based games using the Proton Compatibility Layer. If a Windows game isn’t performing well enough on your Linux platform, AI-based technology can make it more enjoyable. You’ll have to wait until fall for a boost to DirectX games, but that should still help with the likes of Eternal destiny and No Man’s Sky.

As always, DLSS helps by using deep learning to take a game from a base resolution to a higher resolution. While the output doesn’t quite match native quality, it’s close enough to put 4K gaming within the reach of people who would otherwise have to settle for a “modest” 1080p or 1440p. This is especially important for frame rate dependent games like Loss.

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