Official Xbox Series X mini-fridges are coming

Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg promised official Xbox Series X mini-fridges if the company wins a Twitter branding contest and keeps its word. Greenberg told subscribers that Microsoft would “go ahead” with plans for the X-series refrigerators. It hasn’t offered pricing, availability, or even a preview of the refrigerators, but it’s safe to assume they will be more easier to install at home than the full-size refrigerators that Microsoft made to capitalize on Internet memes.

The first refrigerator will go to Twitter rival Skittles. And in case you were wondering, no, this is not a late April Fool’s joke.

It’s easy to see why Microsoft would do this. It’s an attention-grabbing move that could help steer some console buyers away from the Playstation 5. Still, there aren’t many reasons to oppose. Most gaming accessories revolve around cosmetic items like clothes and figures – this gives you something you can use on a daily basis long after you retire from your Xbox.


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