OnePlus Watch gets always-on display after appalling reviews

After a bunch of brutal reviews Earlier this month for its first smartwatch, OnePlus released an update that may fix some of the device’s key issues. This too revealed some features he plans to add later, like an always-on display.

The first update of the OnePlus Watch deploys in the United States and Canada. It will expand to other regions in the coming days. Along with bug fixes and better system stability, OnePlus says the update brings improvements in GPS performance and more accurate activity tracking for running and walking. The company claims to have optimized the heart rate monitor and notification timing algorithms, enabled notification icons for the most used apps, and improved the wake-up rate feature.

Better activity tracking should be good news for first-time OnePlus Watch owners. Cherlynn Low, editor-in-chief of Engadget, found that the device had failed to keep a correct count of the number of steps, noting that “On one of my treadmill runs, he dragged the machine a third of a mile, which messed up my pace.” GizmodoVictoria Song, meanwhile, wrote that “the number of steps has been shifted by more than 10,000 steps”.

In addition to the always-on mode, OnePlus revealed what it is working on. If you have a smartphone running Android 6.0 or later, you may be able to control the device’s camera remotely from a connected OnePlus watch. An AI watch face, 12-hour time format, and support for German, Italian, Spanish and Polish are on the way. OnePlus also plans to activate more than 110 training modes.

These improvements and added features might not be enough to completely save the reputation of the OnePlus Watch, but it’s a start.

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