Our favorite fitness apps and services: apps, YouTube videos, web only, etc.

In the beginning pandemic – and I realize that I may be alone in this situation – it didn’t seem possible to me that I could miss new workouts online. Gyms have started to shut down, like the rest of the world, but that hasn’t stopped all fitness companies and celebrities from launching an intriguing new tool designed to make you sweat in the privacy of your own home.

It was over a year ago. Just like the excitement of homemade sourdough gave way to the daily routine quarantine kitchen, I miss the same six PopSugar Fitness bodyweight videos and performing the same 3-5 mile loops in my neighborhood … an endless loop, forever and ever, until the end of time. If you’re bored too, I’ve asked my coworkers for some fun ways to keep working out at home, and I’ve rounded up several of my favorite fitness apps and services.

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