‘Outriders’ will arrive on Xbox Game Pass when it releases April 1

Xbox Game Pass subscribers can get their hands on Outriders no additional cost. RPG-shooter action will be available for Game Pass users on Xbox One and Series X / S, as well as for phones and tablets via xCloud (or Xbox Cloud Gaming), the 1st of April. Square Enix will be released Outriders on these platforms, PlayStation 4, PS5, Stadiums and PC on the same day.

You can play Outriders solo or with up to two other people in a cooperative. You will be able to cause overpowering mayhem with your friends no matter which platform you choose, as it supports full cross-play.

Outriders is a good asset for Game Pass. It’s a great third party game with a good buzz that comes out of the in-depth demo. With this movement, bringing EA Play in the fold and, of course, the successful acquisition of Bethesda, it is clearer than ever that Microsoft intends to Game Pass creation the best deal in the game.

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