Practice enterprise programming in Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce with these $ 25 courses

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Large companies use CRM software to smooth their business processes and data analysis efforts, but programming these business tools to work the way your team needs them is difficult without them. appropriate instructions.

Fortunately, can help. It offers six courses spanning 494 lessons and covering 85 hours of content on major CRM software vendors. You can , on sale at 97 percent off.

Each course in this set is taught by an expert in their field, with some representing larger and reputable educational organizations like Oak Academy or individuals like Jimmy Tanzil. Tanzil, like the other instructors, is very experienced and has over 20 years of IT experience, focusing specifically on Salesforce development, web app, and mobile app development.

The Ultimate Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce Training Preparation Package contains resources for students with skill levels ranging from beginner to intermediate. For example, Oracle 11g PL / SQL Part 1 introduces an encoding language that can be used for database programming and covers topics such as declaring complex row types and assignments or understanding the difference between global and local objects and exceptions.

Meanwhile, the follow-up course is aimed at intermediate students. Here, you’ll dive into advanced techniques like cursor variables and expressions, as well as managing and tracking dependencies. Ultimately, these courses focus on practical objectives that will prepare you for Oracle Certification Examinations (OCPs).

Likewise, SAP ABAP is a common programming language developed by SAP and used for enterprise programming. Learn SAP ABAP: The SAP ABAP Programming Language for Beginners serves as an introductory course that will teach you how to process declarations, create data dictionary objects, and build your first program.

Whether you’re new to or experienced with Oracle and SAP, the comprehensive Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce training prep offering includes 85 hours of content to get you up to speed. , or less than $ 5 per class.

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