Project CHIP smart home network standard becomes “ Matter ”

Project Connected Home over IP (Project CHIP) is now known as Matter. The Connectivity Standards Alliance, an organization made up of more than 100 device manufacturers, including giants like Apple, Amazon, Google and Samsung, announced the rebranding on Tuesday. These companies came together to work on CHIP in 2019 in hopes of creating an open smart home standard that connects all of their disparate devices with each other.

In its simplest form, Matter’s promise is that you will be able to purchase a device and use it with any voice assistant of your choice and easily connect it to your existing home network. At launch, Matter will support Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, as well as Ethernet, WiFi, Wire and Bluetooth LE.

“The Matter brand will serve as a seal of approval, taking the guesswork out of the buying process and allowing businesses and consumers to choose from a wider range of brands to create secure and connected homes and buildings,” says the ASC on the rebranding.

Whether Matter delivers on its promises will depend on companies updating their existing products to support the standard. With most smart home devices, it’s easy to feel like you’re replacing a perfectly good light bulb or other common household item with something more expensive that the manufacturer won’t support for more than a few years. .

Some of the first devices bearing the Matter brand will go on sale at the end of 2021. They will come from large and small companies. Some of the more notable early adopters will include Amazon, Google, and Nanoleaf. When Apple announced it, a new Apple TV 4K last month he announced he would support both Thread and Project CHIP. You can also expect everything from smart bulbs to thermostats and safety devices to feature the Matter logo.

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