Razer’s RGB Smart Face Mask will ship before the end of the year

In a few months you may be able to purchase Razer’s Project Hazel – the high-tech face mask with functional RGB enlightens the company unveiled at CES in January. The company has revealed when presented at E3 2021 that the mask will start shipping early in the fourth quarter of this year, which means you could have it in your hands as early as October. Razer will however be selling the mask in bundles, each with limited quantities available for purchase.

The company has also provided us with an update on the mask design since its debut six months ago. It will still have replaceable N95 filters and a clear front cover, but in addition to the adjustable face straps for a perfect fit, it will also have silicone edges so that it can form a secure seal around your mouth and nose. The mask will also feature an anti-fog coating and interior lighting in addition to the exterior RGB lights, so that your face can be seen even in the dark.

Project Hazel was a concept device that the accessory maker showed off at CES until it announced in March that it was going to make the concept a reality. While COVID-19 vaccines are now available, and it could be argued that Razer is coming a bit too late, CEO Min-Liang Tan explained that the company believes people may still want to mask themselves even with vaccinations as a measure of additional precaution. Additionally, some countries may not be able to immunize their entire population over the next two years, meaning travelers will need to continue to use masks to protect themselves.

Unfortunately, Razer has not revealed how much a Project Hazel mask will cost you and whether it will ship the device worldwide. It rolled out an Instagram filter that will give you a way to see what you would look like with it, however, in case you want to see it first. You can also Register now on the official product page to receive a notification when it drops.

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