Report: Russia ‘probably’ kept access to US networks after SolarWinds hack

Russia’s alleged success with the SolarWinds hacking might not have ended just because US agencies and companies have stepped up their defenses. CNN sources Aware of the investigation, the Russian intelligence agency SVR “probably” still has access to US networks despite efforts to shut down the exploits. The attackers are still “very present,” a contact said.

Deputy National Security Advisor Anne Neuberger did not directly acknowledge the allegation when CNN asked but said that formally blame the SVR was supposed to “shape [Russia’s] calculation “on the value of the hacks. The United States was not going to deter Russia with a single action, the adviser said.

A continued presence in American networks fits history. Russia continued to launch cyber attacks against the United States after the Obama administration sanctions imposed end of 2016, targeting The politicians and other systems midway through 2018 and beyond. Even if the United States succeeded in dislodging Russia from government systems, there was a good chance it would find another security hole.

If the report is correct, however, it illustrates how difficult it can be to achieve a lasting victory against state-sponsored cyberattacks. Even the large-scale response to a campaign like the SolarWinds hack has apparently not been enough to dislodge intruders. The United States might not get a stay for a very, very long time.

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