Rivian’s EV service plans include remote diagnostics and on-site repairs

Rivian tries to challenge Tesla on a number of fronts, and that now includes how it will repair and support your electric vehicle. The startup has sketch his service strategy, and he joins Tesla to avoid the usual repair shops – and in some cases, he may not need to see you at all. It is a promising remote maintenance system that will allow it to “proactively” identify problems. And like its competitor, Rivian will send service vans to resolve most issues.

The company will transport your electric vehicle to one of more than 40 service centers in the event of a larger problem. And if it’s “ just ” a wing bender, a network of Rivian-owned and certified locations will repair the exterior damage.

Service plans come days after Rivian sketch its guarantees. As Autoblog reported, the automaker seems determined to counter Tesla with a battery warranty that covers the same eight years, but up to 175,000 miles – the best Model S and X warranties stop at 150,000 miles. You will get a replacement battery if the capacity drops below 70%. And while the five-year, 60,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty is common in the automotive world, Tesla’s similar warranty ends at four years and 50,000 miles. The transmission coverage also matches the battery.

To some extent, Rivian is betting you won’t need a lot of the serve in the first place. While electric vehicles sometimes have reliability issues, they generally require less maintenance than cars with combustion engines – after all, you aren’t doing oil changes or timing belts.

However, execution can be vital. Tesla faced critical for a service system where you could wait weeks or even months for a few fixes. Rivian can convince customers if he develops a reputation for quick repairs, but he could catch a similar criticism if his customers experience similar delays.

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