‘Rocket League’ season three to feature F1 and NASCAR vehicles

Season three of Rocket league departures April 7, and this time around, Psyonix is ​​bringing some of the biggest names in motorsport to the game. NASCAR and Formula 1 the vehicles arrive at the motor football title in May. The developer says he created his own “speed demon” to compete with these cars. The Tyranno will be available through the season three Rocket Pass.

True to the racing theme, Psyonix redesigned the DFH stadium arena to add a track and all the track pump you’d see on a Championship Sunday. The DFH Stadium (Circuit) arena will be available in casual and competitive playlists, as well as private games and freeplay.

The NASCAR and F1 reconciliations are the latest in a long line of Rocket league crosses. The game offered Ecto-1 of ghost hunters and Back to the futureDeLorean from , along with many other iconic cars and nods to other franchises. There were also crosses with and . In fact, the battle royale just added a Rocket league emote.

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